Bell, Book & Candle CD:

Bell, Book and Candle



Bell, Book and Candle / 1001 Arabian Nights

Song Title
Main Title 2:24 StarStar Play Sample
Pyewacket/Queenie/Gil 3:01 StarStar Play Sample
Send Me Nicky 2:06 StarStar Play Sample
Way Out Calypso 1:55 StarStar Play Sample
Stormy Weather Polka 1:54 StarStar Play Sample
The Spell/Shep Hooked 5:15 StarStar Play Sample
The Herb Shop 2:40 StarStar Play Sample
I Wish I Could/Gil's Whammy/All Right Shep 3:34 StarStar Play Sample
That Cat Again/Shep Whammied/You're a Fool 2:55 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
10 Shep Shook 2:02 StarStar Play Sample
11 Where's Pyewacket?/Naughty Cat/Gil's Tears 2:19 StarStar Play Sample
12 Pyewacket Returns 2:09 StarStar Play Sample
13 Zodiac Serenade 2:20 StarStar Play Sample
14 Zodiac Blues 2:21 StarStar Play Sample
15 Only Human and End Title 4:23 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
16 Main Title (1001 Arabian Nights) 3:39 StarStarStar Play Sample
17 Magoo's Blues 2:09 StarStar Play Sample
18 Sultan's Parade and You Are My Dream 3:13 StarStar Play Sample
19 Palanquin Chase 2:18 StarStar Play Sample
20 Wedding Celebration 3:32 StarStar Play Sample
21 Bar Fly Magoo 0:44 StarStar Play Sample
22 You Are My Dream - Reprise 1:49 StarStarStar Play Sample
23 Three Little Maids from Damascus 2:23 StarStar Play Sample
24 Unhappy Magoo 1:38 StarStar Play Sample
25 Dream Ballet 3:42 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
26 Crazy Carpet 4:14 StarStar Play Sample
27 End Title 1:14 StarStarStar Play Sample

Bell, Book & Candle LP:

Bell, Book & Candle.....Bell, Book & Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

Bell Book and Candle

Soundtrack & Movie Tidbits:

Cool '60s Film Music

Retro film scoring from the tuneful Sixties brought back for today

By Randall D. Larson

October 14, 2004

England's Harkit Records continues to mine the retrograde treasure trove of 1960s film music with three new releases that are a delight of the period. Making its first foray onto CD, George Duning's lighthearted and theatrical score for 1959's BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE (HRKCD 8099) is reissued from the Colpix LP with an additional track, a vocal track from French Actor Philippe Clay who appears in a cabaret act in the film. Duning's score is gently jazzy, mostly comprised of easy listening tracks the blend into and out of the source music used prominently in the film. Some cues are rather bland, others really standout (like the show tune-like Main Title, the spooky mysterioso take on the Main Title melody incarnated into a moaning, witchlike vocal of "The Spell," and its more lushly romantic variant, "Pyewacket Returns", the night club jazz of "Way Out Calypso" and a sultry arrangement of Arlen/Kohler's "Stormy Weather.") It's an enjoyable enough score although not exceedingly dramatic. Duning coats the film with a pleasing polish of melodic gloss and enough toe-tapping riffs to enhance the stagy drama of the production, which is really all the film needed. The movie's subtext (that it may have been more about 1950s homosexuality than witchcraft, in which case Duning's sensuous melodies seem all the more apt. Duning's other efforts include PICNIC, THE DEVIL AT 4'OCLOCK, several scores for STAR TREK's original incarnation, 1974's TERROR IN THE WAX MUSEUM, and, his final score, the sci-fi telefilm, GOLIATH AWAITS; very little of his 70+ film scores [not to mention library tracks reused in more than 300 films] were preserved on LP or CD, which makes this release especially noteworthy.) Perceptive and comprehensive liner notes (not signed, but presumably by CD producer Daniel Porter) fill the 6-page booklet to the brim, enhanced by color photos from the movie. The package is nice, although, as a collector, I would have preferred to see the original LP cover reproduced on the front of the CD although, in retrospect, perhaps the part of me that isn't just a collector will just have to make do with the close-up of Kim Novak provocatively gobbling a pearl necklace...