George Duning

Elvis Presley - The King of Rock & Roll
Michael Jackson - The King of Pop
George Duning - The King of Mood!

"This is an on going research project that is dedicated to the enrichment of the general public with details about George Duning's work and life. This is a non-commercial, non-profit fansite and has no official affiliation with Mr. George Duning. It is not licensed, approved or sponsored by any of the composers mentioned on this website or their copyright owners."

...Bob Harris, Editor, 2/20/09

to Lois Duning, George Duning's wife, for providing valuable material for this website!!! By the way, Lois reminded me that "Duning" has only one "n" (not two). "Duning" is pronounced "Dune-ing" and not "Done-ning."

Also, THANKS to authors John Stanley and Randall D. Larson for their kind permission to reprint their articles on this website!

SPECIAL THANKS to Dorsey Barnes Drane for his research and numerous contributions with fleshing out the Duning family tree...

ALSO MANY THANKS to Thomas F. McArdie for all of his efforts concerning info about George's second daughter, Lorna, who was missing from the family bio everywhere on the Internet; He also found a number of related documents!!

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