Any Wednesday


Not With My Wife, You Don't / Any Wednesday

Song Title
1 Main Title (Big Beautiful Ball) [Johnny Williams] 2:56 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
2 My Inamorata (Vocal Version) [Johnny Williams] 2:50 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
3 Hey Julietta [Johnny Williams] 2:00 StarStarStar Play Sample
4 Trumpet Discotheque [Johnny Williams] 2:58 StarStar Play Sample
5 Two of Everything [Johnny Williams] 2:26 StarStarStar Play Sample
6 Not With My Wife, You Don't [Johnny Williams] 2:30 StarStar Play Sample
7 Big Beautiful Ball (Vocal: Johnny Mercer) [Johnny Williams] 1:51 StarStar Play Sample
8 My Inamorata [Johnny Williams] 3:10 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
9 Foney Poochini (Labrador-Opera Montage) [Johnny Williams] 2:02 Star Play Sample
10 Arrivederci Mondo (Italian Movie) [Johnny Williams] 2:16 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
11 Hungarian Jungle Music [Johnny Williams] 3:03 StarStar Play Sample
12 Defending The Flag [Johnny Williams] 1:49 StarStar Play Sample
13 Prologue and Main Title [George Duning] 3:21 StarStarStarStarStar Play Sample
14 Split Screens [George Duning] 1:32 StarStarStar Play Sample
15 Playboy John [George Duning] 1:20 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
16 Frantic Cass [George Duning] 1:35 StarStarStar Play Sample
17 Pigeon John [George Duning] 3:18 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
18 Righteous Cass [George Duning] 2:13 StarStar Play Sample
19 Cass And Ellen [George Duning] 2:06 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
20 Frantic John [George Duning] 2:31 StarStarStar Play Sample
21 Double Clinches [George Duning] 2:28 StarStarStarStar Play Sample
22 Wife Meets Mistress [George Duning] 2:57 StarStarStar Play Sample
23 Lecher John and End Title [George Duning] 2:15 StarStarStarStar Play Sample

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ANY WEDNEDAY - George Duning Credit

Any Wednesday - George Duning Credit