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Star Trek Vol. 1


Symphonic Suites from "Star Trek" Volume 1

Song Title
1 Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Enter Miranda; Ambassador Arrival; McCoy's Toast; Quite a Woman; Marvick Pleads; Marvick Mad; Marvick Berserk; Marvick Dies; Sentimental Jim; Blind Miranda; No Change; Miranda Mad; Miranda's Farewell [George Duning]
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2 The Paradise Syndrome:
Pine Trees; The Amerinds; Tahiti Syndrome; Brain Wash; Miramanee; Breath of Life; The New God; Dilithium Problem; Wash Day; Salish Fluffed; Potter Kirk; Naming the God; Joining Day; Challenge; Ceremony; Birth Announcement; False God; Death of Miramanee [Gerald Fried]
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